This 2 Stage under counter filtration system is our economic package and will filter over 35,000 gallons before the NASA filter needs to be changed. 

Our 2 stage NASA filter based countertop filtration system comes with a 10" NASA, filter, chemical filter and complete housings with faucet. 

Why are our NASA funded water filters the best in the world?

Below: Our water filter media capturing particles smaller than a virus.


Our NASA water filters will remove more contaminants than any other water filter. It is the only high flow, high capacity filter in the world that will remove drugs (EDC), Ribonucleic acid (RNA), Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and hundreds of other harmful contaminants at a very affordable price. How do I know it is a NASA based water filter? In order to insure that you are receiving the advanced Superfilters funded/used by NASA and the jet propulsion laboratory, among many other federal agencies, Ancient Water Restoration Incorporated includes the “Certified Space Technology” sticker on every NASA filter. 


Characteristics of NASA SuperFilters. 

AWRI’s Certified Space Technology

❖ NASA SuperFilters are a fibrous electrostatic media that removes particles smaller than a virus

❖ Pore size of water filter is 2 μm, allowing a high flow rate

❖ A single layer is 0.8 mm thick, and is laminated between spunbond polymer to improve pleatability

❖ A nano alumina fiber, 2 nanometers in diameter, is the active component 

❖ Flow rates (flux) are tens to hundreds of times greater than ultraporous membranes

❖ Rated Absolute at 0.2 microns (1 layer )

❖ Endotoxin removal > 99.96% (2 layers)




❖ A single layer will remove 6 LRV of B. subtilis or E. coli

❖ DNA removal > 99.5%

❖ High dirt holding capacity

❖ Filtration efficiency for micron size particles >99.995% in a single layer

❖ Surpasses hollow fiber membranes in retaining submicron particles 

❖ Surface area of the nano alumina is ~500 m2/g


❖ Its large surface area causes fast dynamic response - 4 LRV of MS2 phage (27 nm) are retained by a pleated 0.8 mm layer at 25 L/m2/min (∆P = 6 psi) 

❖ The media adsorbs cell debris, endotoxin, virus, nucleic acids and proteins

❖ It operates best over the pH range 5-9

❖ It is minimally affected by saline – it is used for sampling virus in sea water 



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