Dr. Will Hawkins Jr.                                               


As president of Ancient Water restoration, Dr. Hawkins acts as a consultant for medical researchers studying mineral solutions and colloidal minerals, hospitals, mineral water bottling companies, water treatment plants and city/state officials. He also invents health and Bio-Energetic technology and natural remedies. His current research is focused on Water Purification, and Vibrational/Energy Medicine to activate and enhance Pineal function, the chakra system for Longevity and Savant abilities.

Dr. Hawkins has a vision to bring hundreds of millions and even billions of people clean and safe drinking water around the world. His objective is not only providing clean water but to revitalize water with the proper mineral balance to achieve overall human health and well being.  He is deeply concerned about the lack of access to fresh water around the world and the fact that projections show that if some majors solutions aren't undertaken that the problem will get worse.