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Entrepreneurs this conference is a MUST attend (June 14-16-2019) if you want to learn how to do business with Your city/state officials, hospitals, water treatment plants etc. 

The conference definitely highlights the importance of water purification and doing business with the city of Atlanta and connecting entrepreneurs in the U.S and Africa. We can form a very serious commercial/industrial water purification hub here in Atlanta and start increasing our global market shares, and, dare I say, corner the water purification market.  

We realized that over the last few years Atlanta has spent tens of millions of dollars to expand its water reservoir from a 3 day, to a 30 day capacity. AWRI applauds the city's foresight and the astute wisdom of the Mayor to bring about such a resolution. 


Our conference, then, will be the perfect catalyst to educate local entrepreneurs about the very-highly important and largely un-tapped water purification market. All the while, spearheading economic empowerment and thousands of new jobs in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. The ultimate resolve, then, is to get the people more involved in the city's water events, programs etc. I must be completely frank, I was EXTREMELY troubled by the lack of turnout for the City of Atlanta's "A Day Without Water event." Because this demonstrates the gross ignorance of the masses of people and the fact that most take this most precious resource for granted.

During this conference, we will "show you the money" and demonstrate that water purification as a multi TRILLION dollar industry is the world's #1 market and how you can get piece of this vast pie (the city of Atlanta and entrepreneurs alike) 




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