The AWR-ENWTP includes NASA based water filters that remove greater than 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, chemicals, etc. This includes 1,4 dixone and radioactive particles. More fascinating news is that our water filters leaves the beneficial minerals like magnesium in the water. This system was specifically designed for commercial water purification needs in emergency situations such as water contamination issues, natural disasters etc.Reverse Osmosis types of filtration systems choke the flow of water and you only receive a fraction of the clean water that you can with our patented water filters. 


Even in the case of a bio-terrorist attack. You should be PROPERLY PREPARED! The AWR-ENWTP has the benefit of 2 certified space technologies and the most unique and effective UV treatment system in the world. Our UV treatment system consists of a specially designed virtual photon chamber that sends death signals to pathogens in water. Our Chief Scientist Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. explains it this way. " I designed the Virtual particle chamber to do a number of things, namely, to couple UV virtual photons with silver and copper ions. This process increases the effectiveness of the ions to kill pathogens and the virtual photons themselves destroy the mechanism that pathogens use to become resistant to forms of treatment. Other forms of photons and virtual photons emitted by the chamber enhances restructures the water with bio-compatible frequencies enhancing the nutrients bio-availability in the body. This is the knowledge of The New Biophysics and Water Sciences."


The AWR-ENWTP can purify up to 6,500 gallons of water from ANY source and is mounted unto a titanium frame suitable for easy transport.

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