This is our smallest commercial water purifier. It treats 7,500 gallons of water per day. The AWR1000 can also be used to produce colloidal minerals and mineral solutions. Electrodes are sold separately



An Ion is any atom with an electrical charge - positive if it has lost an electron, negative if it has an extra electron.  An ion , such as metals, with a positive charge is called a cation, while one with a negative charge is known as an anion. To ionize something means to transform the atom into one of these two ionic forms by moving electrons. 

It was NASA that first designed an ionization system for their Apollo flights. The Johnson Space Center developed an electrolytic silver ion generator only slightly larger than a cigarette pack and weighing only 9 ounces. This small ionizer required minimal power and no astronaut monitoring. Mounted at various locations in the potable water supply and wastewater systems, the ionizer would dispense silver ions to eliminate bacteria and viruses. In 1962, silver was approved for use in drinking water by the U.S. Public Health Service. Since that time, a few companies have manufactured water purifiers for NASA and are now out of business. Presently Ancient Water Restoration Incorporated is the world's leader in nanotechnology based commercial/industrial water ionizing purifiers. We produce the most advanced and powerful water purifiers on earth.   


Silver has been known as an effective bacteria and virus killer for centuries. Silver sulphate is the standard antibacterial treatment for burns and any type or an open wound, and is used to protect the eyes of newborns. Activated carbon filters, for drinking water purification, are impregnated with silver to prevent bacterial build-up. Silver is used as the drinking water purification for half the world's airlines and in over 1,000 passenger ships. Soft drink, beer, liquor, wine and other beverages are rendered safe and more palatable by the addition of silver in over 60 countries. 


Several studies by major universities have documented the effectiveness of the copper/silver ionization system.

 When copper and silver ions are released into the water, these cationic, surface-active ions are a potent microbicide. The disinfection action takes place when the positively charged copper and silver ions form electrostatic bonds negatively charged areas on the microorganism cell walls. These electrostatic bonds create stresses which damage the microbe cell wall permeability, minimizing the normal intake of life sustaining nutrients and hydrogen. Once inside an algae cell, copper and silver attack sulfur containing amino acid residues in the proteins used for photosynthesis (the process of converting light into usable food and energy). As a result, photosynthesis is blocked and lead to cell lysis and death. If the algae cell manages to live, the reproduction process is hampered by the presence of the copper ions and the spread of algae is held in check. Bacteria is killed, rather that suppressed.


The greatest benefit of copper/silver ionization is that the ions remain in the water providing a long-term residual protection. They provide long-term, nontoxic purification and prevent against re-contamination. Unlike most other types of sanitizers, the copper and silver ions remain in the water until they flocculate, or form masses with algae and bacteria and then become large enough to be removed by the filtering equipment. When the "used" copper and silver ions are removed, the microprocessor control box is always producing new copper and silver ions to continuously sanitize the water. Generally the setting of the microprocessor is kept at the same setting, thus a proper amount of copper and silver ions are always in the water. If your test kit shows a copper-ion level too low, simply turn the control knob up a notch. The digital display will show the milliamp charge going to the electrodes. Even if the unit was turned off, the copper and silver ions remain in the water until they flocculate with algae and bacteria, and are removed by the filtering system. Sometimes this can last several months!


The AWR  water purifier series consists of a state-of-the-art, microprocessor control boxes and scientifically designed, medical grade electrodes of your choice, composed of copper, silver, magnesium, gold, platinum, iron etc. that are set slightly apart from each other. Water is passed through a specially built flow-cell chamber that houses the electrodes.


The control box works by generating a precise, low-voltage, DC current at milliamp levels to the electrodes. These electrodes consist of a metal-plated cathode and a metal-plated anode. A current is passed between the cathode and the anode, thus producing copper and silver ions by normal plating. Basically, the current causes some of the outermost atoms of the electrodes to lose an electron, thus becoming positive ions. In the specially developed flow cell charging chamber, 100% of the water will pass through the electrodes. While the water is running through the chamber, many of these ions are swept away before they can reach the other side of the electrodes. As a result, copper and silver ions are dispersed into the body of water that is being purified.

The amount of ions introduced is controlled by the microprocessor control box, an adjustable transformer that changes 110 or 220 volt AC current from the power source to a low voltage DC current. The higher the charge, the more ions are released. the amount of ions in the water are determined by a simple copper-ion test kit. The electrodes were designed that when the proper copper-ion level is obtained, the silver level will be correct too. Both the anode and cathode are plated with the same mixture of copper and silver. The polarity is switched back and forth between the electrodes two elements every five (5) minutes to prevent plating of the cathode - a process that reduces the electrode's surface area over time. The polarity change assures equal cleanliness, wear and tear of the two electrodes and prolongs life.





Our choice of the high voltage of 24 volts is necessary when the water is relatively soft, pure and devoid of minerals (low TDS) which renders the water electrically non-conductive. AWRI purifiers AWR1000 - AWR3000 have the following characteristics. Each model is pre-programmed for the chosen power level.




INPUT VOLTAGE: 24 VDC from our internationally approved switching power supply for any country (100-250 Volts AC input)
POWER CONSUMPTION: 10 to 48 W Max. load independent (current cannot change from level selected by user)
INPUT FREQUENCY: 50 TO 60 HERTZ to our supplied international switching power supply.
OUTPUT VOLTAGE: Controllable and Adjustable by the user from 0 to 48 VDC for Precise control of Ion Production.  High 48 voltage is needed to combat low conductivity, pure water.
OUTPUT CURRENT:13 models from 0.6 to 20 amps with user variable fine control from 0 to maximum.
CURRENT STABILITY:  Current is independent of load and will not overload with highly conductive salt water or short circuit.
CONTROLLER BOX: Weather Proof Robust Solid Die-cast Aluminum (Option of flanges for mounting)
FLOW RATE:  20 TO 120 GPM through 2” diameter cell chamber.
CAPACITY: UP TO 50,000 GALLONS /(189,256 litres)
IONIZING CELL: 3″ PVC TEE with See Through Transparent Extension For Viewing Of Electrodes. 2.5” reducing Bushings If Needed
CELL REPLACEMENT: Hand tight union threaded cap contains two replacement electrodes for easy removal of electrodes.
ELECTRODE SIZE: 6″ LONG PAIR (very heavy).  Each of width 30 mm (1 1/8”) x length 150 mm (6”), x thickness 2 mm (5/64”)
ELECTRODE COMPOSITION: 99.9999% pure medical grade Copper, Silver, Zinc, Magnesium & choice of 8 other metals
COPPER TEST STRIPS:  Included in package
AUTO-REVERSING POLARITY: Solid State Electronic Switching Circuitry with Automatic Sequential Alternating Polarity Switching for self-cleaning and balanced wear on Electrodes.
INDICATOR DISPLAY LIGHTS: Light Emitting Diodes Display Input Power, Cell Power, and Polarity.
TEMPERATURE LIMITS: 32 F (0 C) min. to 120 F degrees max.
SAFETY & FIRE PROTECTION: automatic resettable solid-state fuse, lightning protection, metal box cannot burn.
STANDARDS:  Meets or Exceeds UL, CSA and NSF Standards.
WARRANTY: 3 Year on manufacturing defects.



Marine Habitat Systems:  AWRI employs ionization to purify water bodies similar to the Marine Science Center dolphin/turtle pools systems for bacteria/algae control.  Because high levels of chlorine cause damage to the skins of dolphins and turtles, the Marine Science Center employs a chlorine-free system of water purification. Other applications are in Aquaculture and Pisciculture for culture of food marine animals like shrimp, salmon, prawns.

Comparison of Chlorine Disinfection Systems with Copper/Silver Ionization

1. Permanent pH monitoring required, at least once weekly

1. Monthly pH monitoring advisable.

2. Permanent chlorine monitoring required, at least once weekly

2. Measurement of copper levels every 3 months using inexpensive kit.

3. Causes reddened, irritated eyes

3. No eye irritation.

4. Causes dry, flaking skin.

4. Silky soft skin.

5. Storage of the product and frequent replenishment.

5. Electrodes have a life of 4 - 5 years

6. Marked odour, particularly in public baths

6. Water with neutral odor

7. Corrosive risk to users and to clothing, particularly if fluid chlorine is used.

7. Fully automatic, risk-free release of  biocompatible ions.

8. Use of additional agents required to regulate pH.

 8. Occasional agents required for pH regulation

9. Bath requires supervision over longer periods of absence

9. No supervision necessary during absence of four weeks.

10.Use of additional flocculators necessary.

10.Automatic flocculation.

11.Use of agents necessary during winter breaks.

11.No algae formed during winter periods

12.Use of algaecides necessary.

12.No additional algaecidal agents required.

13.Showering advisable after bathing

13. Bathing in drinking quality water. Cleaner than most tap water.

14.Can cause irritation of respiratory tract and asthma in children.

14. Water contains no irritants.  Can be safely swallowed or inhaled.

15.Risk of corrosive effects on pool elements and environment.

15. No corrosive characteristics.

16.Hard water

16. Detectably softer water thanks to electrolysis and mild alkalizing effect.

17.Low buffer capacity.

17.Constant release of ions from electrodes.

18.Chlorine is a potential health risk.

18.Copper is a healthy essential element.

19. Expensive to maintain.

19.Maintenance cost only 50% of chlorine systems.

20. Requires extensive maintenance.

20.Minimal maintenance.

21.Chlorinated water should be changed once annually

21.No water change necessary.

22.Replacement of filter sand every 2 – 3 years

22.Replacement of filter sand every 10 years.

23.Expensive when basalt and hydroanthracite are used.

23.Standard quartz sand can be used for filters.

24.Rapid loss of efficacy if exposed to heating or strong sunlight.

24.Environmental influences have no effect.

25.Backwash water must be discarded.

25. Backwash water can be used to water plants and enhances their growth. Safe for pets to drink.



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