Quickly set up your new mineral water bottling plant with our beautiful commercial package that includes the King -X Mineral Water Bottler, The AWR-4000 that treats 90,000 gallons of mineral water per day and a Commercial, 10 - Stage NASA Based Water Filtration System. (Also comes with replacement filters) Our commercial water filtration system removes ALL contaminants from the water, including:

  • Stage 1 consists of three filters that removes dirt, rust and other sediment
  • Stage 2 consists of four Nano-Carbon filters that removes chemicals and many heavy metals
  • Stage 3 consists of three Double-Pleated, Nano Silver Impregnated, NASA Water SuperFilters with Carbon Block



After undergoing nano-filtration, the water flows through our specially designed charging chamber



connected to the AWR-4000 that releases mineral ions and particles of your choice ie. silver, magnesium, zinc, gold, platinum etc. into the water for the healthiest mineral water in the world. Further, with the AWR-4000 you can not only have complete engineering control of nanoparticle size but also ion to particle ratio!

The end result is a unique product that will receive raving reviews from people of all walks of life and especially the health conscious community!


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