Dr. Will Hawkins Jr.                                               


As president of Ancient Water restoration, Dr. Hawkins acts as a consultant for medical researchers, hospitals, wellness centers, water bottling companies, water treatment plants, cooling tower managers, Several U.S Federal Agencies, and city/state officials. As an inventor Dr Hawkins designs industrial water purification systems, biofeedback/Bio-Energetic technologies and natural remedies. His current research is focused on Water Purification, including restructured water for increased vitality.

Dr. Hawkins has a vision to bring safe, clean drinking water to the billions of people in the world's under-served communities. In an effort to achieve this objective, he has partnered with NASA and independent aerospace scientist to upgrade and design new water treatment plants around the world. Very soon, because of these efforts you will experience a revitalization of your tap water with the proper mineral balance, structure and alkalinity to achieve overall human health and well being. 

Ancient Water Restoration Incorporated is:

  • A U.S Federal Contractor
  • Supplier for the cities of Atlanta, GA and Houston, TX.
  • Supplier for All 19 Grady Healthcare facilities in Georgia.
  • Supplier for 28 United Nations Organizations. 
  • Licensee of 9 U.S Federal Patents 
  • A Commercial Water Bottling Company (72,000 Gallon/Day Bottling Capacity.
  • Member of The Atlanta Business League
  • Member of The Houston Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the National Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Partnered with VH II Construction (Licensed, Insured & Bonded State Contractor GA)
  • Suppliers for several African Governments 
  • 40,000 SF Facility on 14 acres
  • Manufacturer of Certified Space Technologies