Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. CEO


As Ceo/President of Ancient Water Restoration, Dr. Hawkins acts as a consultant for medical researchers, hospitals, wellness centers, water bottling companies, water treatment plants, cooling tower managers, Several U.S Federal Agencies, and city/state officials. As an inventor Dr Hawkins designs industrial water purification systems, biofeedback/Bio-Energetic technologies and natural remedies. His current research is focused on Water Purification, including restructured water for increased vitality. Read peer reviewed white papers written by Dr. Will Hawkins Jr. By clicking below





                 AnnMarie Hall-Mack Vice Chair 




            Stefon Adams VP Enhanced Athletics


A former professional American football cornerback in the National Football League (NFL). A veteran of 6 seasons, Mr. Adams understands the critical role that hydration plays in performance excellence. Mr. Adams is the go to man for sport teams, owners and managers that would like to do business with Ancient Water Restoration Incorporated. Ask Mr. Adams about our specialty bottled water for pro sports teams that's designed to enhance human performance!


Opio Joseph Oluka VP of Operations (UK)


As the VP of International Affairs (UK) Mr. Oluka is the man of power leading our strategic alliance initiatives and development department in the UK. In addition, with influence aslo spanning into African countries such as Ghana and Kenya, Mr. Oluka provides the vision and oversight necessary to enhance water treament plants in the UK and Africa.


Von Hubbard Director of Construction & New Acquisitions


Mr. Von Hubbard is a twenty one year’s veteran in the residential and commercial construction industry. Certified in general contracting by the state of Georgia, he has a voluminous portfolio of completed projects including contracts with Fulton County, Atlanta Housing Authority, and individual home and small business owners. He has also fulfilled responsibility for budgetary management of projects totaling over $50,000,000. 


         Ron Green State Director (PA)



Mr. Green is the point of contact for services and contacts in the state of Pennsylvania. He knows that Black culture influences EVERY ASPECT of entertainment, however is very aware of the fact that black excellence across the board is the cornerstone of group economics. As a high caliber type entrepreneur, Mr. Green has the foresight to see any high level project through.